Waking up

Sudden Surprise
January 16, 2007, 9:09 am
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Well well well…Today i woke up feeling blurry and anticipating the worst.  Reached the office in the nick of time and woila, the phone rang. Boss summoned me to have a discussion. Apparently the salesguys have been ‘cheating’ their way to lowering their sales quotas. So I’ll tell them.

Then the inevitable long meeting started at 9.30am. By the time we got out, it was already 1.10pm. Went to the desk to find 2 envelopes. One pink one, another white. Tore open the pink one to find the Taiping agent’s well wishes for the Chinese Lunar Year. Tore the other one and guess what?? My ex Yugoslavian colleague in Perth wrote a letter to my company in search for the ‘missing’ me! Been over 7+ years now since I’ve last seen him. And over 6+ years now that I’ve lost his email address. What a wonderful surprise. He’s been the guy who’s taught me living life the Australian way and among the first who befriended me, without and prejudism. He’s been truly a great friend and it’s remarkable he remembered my company’s address.


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It’s not the remarkable human “memory” to remember addresses. In actual fact, I strongly believe it is the genius idea of Internet; more specific ..search; more specific… google lor. Doiing!!

Comment by HowStuffWorks

hello…it’s not the Internet that got him to write to me. He sent a HANDWRITTEN letter. Lu Lu! no googling nothing.

Comment by moek5726

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